Electronic Cataloging

Many warehouses offer internet electronic cataloging for little or no cost. The most detailed information is often available at Manufacturers' web sites at no cost.

Optional Electronic cataloging can be added at any time.

MIB supports Wrenchead's electronic cataloging . Cost for integrated Wrenchead cataloging data is

$2720 (US) for the first year
$2220 (US) per year after the first year.

Wrenchead also offers internet electronic cataloging for a much lower price. For more information and up to date pricing information see the nexcat.com web site.

Abbreviated Terry Testimonial "...there has been an important change in cataloging. AUTOITOOLBOX has a free electronic catalog available on the internet. Couple that with some manufacturer’s internet cataloging and we have electronic cataloging coverage at no cost. It has been working well for us...." See all of Terry's Testimonial

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