Auto Parts Software

Even though "Parts is Parts", we have a number of options specifically for automotive parts businesses. Some of these options are listed below.

Integrated Electronic Cataloging.

  • From an invoice you can look up parts for a vehicle, quote prices and transfer items directly to an invoice.


  • During a sale or return you can select a core charge to be exchange, outright or core only. You can also give partial credits for cores.
  • You can automatically track core returns to insure that a customer bought the cores that they are returning.
  • You can track how many cores that you should have in inventory when it is time for you to ship them back to your supplier.
  • If you are a rebuilder, we will track the cores so that will know how many cores of each part number are available to rebuild.


  • Kits are used mostly for engine rebuiling. There may be 20 or more items needed to rebuild an engine and some of these items may be sized. You have the ability to quickly quote price and availability for the parts in an engine. The system prompts you for the sizes of those items that come in different sizes.
  • Kits are also used by electrical rebuilders. They serve the same function as for engine rebuilders except for one twist. Suppose that you have an expensive starter that you have to rebuild right now but you are missing a part for it. You can have the system search all of your finished starters to see if you have one with that part so that you can cannibalize it to get the expensive starter rebuilt.