Stores Using MIB

Almost any store selling items from inventory can use MIB's Software. More than just Automotive Parts Software, MIB is a POS, Inventory Control System that works for many different types of businesses. Below is a list with video's of different types of stores using the MIB Software.

Automotive Paint, Body Shop Supplies, Paint Can Production
Automotive Parts Store, One Man Store
Automotive Parts store with Service
Automotive Warehouse, 20 captive stores
Automotive Parts Store in Canada
Carnival Supplier, Party Favors, Costumes.
Large Auto Parts store in the Bahamas
Electrical Rebuilder some service, in Canada
Engine Parts Specialists
Heavy Duty Diesel and Gas Engine Rebuilding with Parts Counter
True Value Hardware
Benjamin Moore Paint Store
Pool and Spa, Original Equipment, Parts, Supplies and Service. Store has 19 work stations and 19 printers
Lumber supplier with Multiple Warehouses on one computer
Lumber Satellite Store
Route Trucks
Specialty Hardware Store
Tractor Dealer Sales, Service and Parts

Here's some other types of businesses, that are using the MIB Software.

Large Truck Sales, Parts and Service
RV Parts and Service
School for Automotive Repair and Parts Sales
Marine Parts and Service
Plumbing Service and Supplies
Small Engine Parts and Service
Industrial Supplies
Irrigation Supplies
Steel Supplier
Storage Rental
Lawn Service with Parts Counter

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