MIB; Company Different

Well hello there, my name is John, and I would guess you are looking for a POS (point of sale) system because you are either going to start a business, or are trying to save a business. Either way, you are looking for ways to cut the monthly nut. If so, our ridiculously low prices can help. Or maybe your existing POS system just doesn't fit your business. Maybe we can help you. Maybe not, you decide.

If you have hundreds of thousands of items in inventory, thousandss of customers either cash or charge, I can help. Think auto parts store, party favor store, pool supply, paint store, lumber yard, things like that, lots of inventory, lots of customers. You may be a one or two person business, but lots of inventory, customers, and suppliers.

Still with me? But have you noticed how all the other POS websites are all the same, with all the same words like integrated functionality, process driven integration, and optimized analytics? And the graphics and doodles are just precious, but does the damn thing work? Do they really understand what YOU need? And can you afford it?

For the past 37 years, we have seen dozens of POS start up and go away. I have been involved in cleaning up the wreckage of a failed system, and get the businesses going again.

Well, let's look at the record. When we started designing my revolutionary personal computer based Point of Sale system, Jimmy Carter was president, color screens were years in the future, a mouse was a farm rodent, and farmers didn't know what a GPS controlled tractor was. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both college drop outs, broke, with only a family garage and interesting ideas. I also worked evenings and weekends for several years developing a POS system aimed at one market; auto parts retailers. So in 1981 I introduced and sold my first system. It was very state of the art with black and white cathode monitor, keyboard data entry, disc operating system, but it worked really well.

And so for the past 37 years, 37 years, 37 years, thirty seven years, we have been installing the same basic system, not only in auto parts, but in many other businesses. Because it works, really well. It is easy to use, reliable, and to screw it up, you have to do something that no one else has been able to do in the past 37 years. Yes, you can forget to change a tax rate, or forget to change a date, but we can even fix that. For 37 years we have been continually, quietly, improving the system so you can't screw it up. Yes, we have upgrades. No, they are not forced, and they are free if you are on our ridiculously low monthly support fee. If you are not on support, the upgrade price is ridiculously low.

We have never lost a user because the system didn’t do the job. For the past 37 years we have NEVER raised our ridiculously low monthly fee on existing users. For the past 37 years, no user has ever used more than about one third of the maximum capacity of any part of the system.

So think about it, we have a system that no one can touch for speed, accuracy, low cost, reliability, used in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean Islands. We continually modify and update as needed for changing tax rates and laws, electronic cataloging, multiple locations including across state lines, etc..Do yourself a favor, go with what works. Call us, you will be very glad you did.Now click on Why Choose Mib? to see why a very succcessful customer bought MIB.