Allen Fish Testimonial

First let me introduce myself, my name is Allen Fish, I have owned and operated Allen's Auto Parts, along with several other auto parts stores, for the past 40 years. I have been asked to give my opinion on a computer program that I have used for the past 26 years, it is known as MIB. I purchased my first computer for my store in 1978, a Triad Systems, for $40,000.00 (a lot of 1978 dollars), I could manually post A/R and do statements, no POS at the time, within 6 months Triad added POS to the system. By 1984, I had become dissatisfied with the service and cost of the Triad System. I saw a small ad in Jobber Topics for MIB, a system running on a Radio Shack TRS80, I didn't think much of it, but I called and spoke with John Hayes, I was intrigued by what I heard. The next day I flew to New Mexico, John met me at the airport, he drove me in an old Chevrolet with a broken windshield; a far cry from the Jaguars that my Triad salesman was driving, to a local store that was using his system, I liked what I saw and purchased the program. I have been using it ever since. This is a program written by someone with a very good knowledge of our industry and our needs, and over the years John has taken many of his customers suggestions and made them part of the program. I am constantly amazed at the reliability and ease of use of the program. In the 26 years that I have been using it, my total down time has been less than 6 hours, and that was due mainly to computers wearing out. In the unlikely event of a system failure, with the backup capabilities of MIB you can install the programs and your data on any IBM compatible computer, and be up and working in less than 15 minutes, I have done it in 10. For reliability, ease of use, cost, and performance, oh and I forgot, since I hardly ever use it, Tech support, no other system can compare.

Allen Fish

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