When Things Go Wrong


Problems happen sooner or later. Our job at MIB is to make problems as painless as is possible. When you call for support, an American will help you at that moment.

Your daily system backups are your protection against major catastrophic losses. If your computer dies, in a few minutes you can be up and running on a new computer using your good backups.

If you have more than one printer and one of them dies, we can reroute your printing to another one. A serious problem becomes a minor inconvenience in a couple of minutes.

Need Copy of End of Day Report, Invoices or Received on Account. It only takes seonds to print another copy of your end of day report. It is also quick to reprint charge statements, received on accounts or invoices. We're not talking just today, we're talking years ago.

If you print hundreds of charge statements, the printer will sometimes jam. It is easy to recover. You are going within a minute and with a minimum of wasted paper.

By mistake people run invoices or received on accounts against the wrong customers. MIB allows you to correct these errors and at the same time protect against possible theft.

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