Received on Accounts

Most users print Received on Accounts on invoice paper. Received on Accounts can have a different company name and address from the company header used for invoices.

People make mistakes. Allow for them. For example, you realize that you ran a Received on Account to Joe Johnson and it should have been run to Joe Jones. Fix it quickly.

You have the option to allow early payment discounts on Received on Accounts. You can set a fixed percentage by account for the default early payment discount. You may allow clerks the option to set the early payment discounts when it is run. This allows them to correct small errors in accounts.

Returns treated like Received on Accounts for service charge. Some businesses don't treat returns as credit toward their last month's bill.

Pay-by-invoice accounts can pay using invoice number or purchase order number.

Allow turn on credit if the up to the minute balance gets below the maximum credit limit.

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